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News: A new version (GSDS 2.0) is online.

Gene Structure Display Server (GSDS) is a web server for drawing gene structure schematic diagram. GSDS can mark special regions (eg:domains) and intron phase in the displayed diagram. It can deal with batch genes once and the output graph is various including SVG format.

Users can choose to one of the following 3 data types:
1) CDS and genomic sequences 2) GenBank accession(s) or gi(s) 3) Exon Position and gene length

( required optional)

Exon Start and End : Gene Length
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or paste data:

  Mark Special Region(s) (Format: ID start end )

  Output Order (sorted by IDs)

Image Format : Image Color:
Intron Phase on Image: Image Width: Pixels(500< Width <5000)

Citation: Guo AY, Zhu QH, Chen X, Luo JC. GSDS: a gene structure display server. Yi Chuan. 2007 Aug;29(8):1023-6.

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